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Core Communications was conceived by individuals who developed a history and reputation as being the best in the wireless industry. The partnership between one of the highest producing zoning managers with one of the highest producing leasing managers created an unparalleled powerhouse in the wireless site development industry.

The founders of CoreCom have a long history of working together. They built their team with a combination of industry veterans and energetic newcomers. In addition to their site level expertise, the CoreCom leadership also has extensive oversight and management experience over large-scale projects. Therefore, they have in-depth understanding of the entire site development process – soup to nuts, from candidate identification to “on air”.

The CoreCom approach stands apart from other site development consultants. They treat wireless facility development like other types of land development by investing time and energy in developing and nurturing relationships, and lobbying for the industry and their clients. This approach has proven successful because of their long-standing history in the Southern California market, both within the wireless sector and beyond. CoreCom provides the benefits of a corporate turnkey without the corporate turnkey hassle.

In an industry where personal accountability is often lacking, it is a guiding principle at CoreCom. As individuals who have been responsible for large scale developments, the principals and senior associates at Core hold that is paramount to keep the information flow open and honest at all times – avoiding the pitfalls of other firms that attempt to conceal problems and issues from their client. Clients can expect nothing less than the full picture from CoreCom.