Promote Your Company or Yourself With A Unique Web Presence                                                     

Having your own website is perhaps the cheapest, easiest, and most accessible form of advertising available. It allows anyone with the internet access to your world. It can consolidate every piece of pertinant information regarding your business, product, or creative service into one easy piece of internet real estate.

As a small business, establishing a strong web presence can have an immense affect on increasing revenue. In addition to enabling a business to reach the largest audience possible, it is generally accepted to be the most cost effective tool for marketing and advertising.

If you are a musician, not only is it a place for people to learn about you and listen to your music, It can be used to post upcoming shows, people can join mailing lists, buy your cds, buy tickets to your shows, etc. People generally experience huge increases in merchandise sales, mailing list numbers, and show attendance, by having a good online presence.

There are posts on craigslist offering web design services for as little as $75. Going to one of these people is a mistake you will only make once. Most of the time, the $75 is a base price and customers find that once they have been lured into accepting the services they get charged hundreds of dollars more for basic services by the time their site is complete. In addition, these designers create sites based on a generic template resulting in a horrible looking site with the visual appeal of the White Pages. Is that the first impression you want to create for your visitors?

Seeing as our design firm focuses on small businesses and creative services, our first priority is providing our customers with an economical solution without sacrificing style. Working with numerous clients over the years has allowed us to streamline the creative process to offer stylish, professional looking websites for the at least half the price offered by most designers.

All You Have To Do Is                                                                                        

  • Choose and purchase a web hosting package*
  • Choose a template from below

1.  2. 

3.  4. 

  • Choose a font, color scheme, pictures(up to 5)
  • Choose up to 5 pages(ex. news, bio, product info, media, links, etc)
  • Write out the content to be included
  • Send them to us electronically, by mail, or in person

*Various low cost web hosting solutions can be provided upon request.

You Get                                                                                                            

  • Up to five unique pages
  • Unlimited content
  • Unlimited media
  • A web based mailing list generator

Here are some examples of sites we've designed. All these sites are based on the templates above. Click on the photos below to go view the actual sites.


Some of the above sites incorporate custom upgrades which can be applied to your web design for an additional fee, these include:

  • Additional pages
  • Custom design layout
  • Scanning of photos
  • Graphic/logo design
  • Flash animations
  • Site maintenance

Pricing for web design is $399 per project. All pricing is negotiable based on clients needs.
Prices for the additional services mentioned above are determined on a per project basis and are always negotiable.

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