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One of the most frustrating experiences for people who have already paid hundreds(if not thousands) of dollars to create a website is the enevitable task of having it updated. Change some text here, add some text there, swap out a picture, change mailing address, all of these are relatively small tasks. But, to someone with little experience working in web development, these tasks can be at the very least a major headache, and at the very most, impossible.

Then comes the problem of contracting someone to make these changes.

A lot of web designers won't make changes to existing web pages. For one, these jobs are generally less profitable then creating one from scratch. Second, for the process to go smoothly, a web designer must be extremely skilled to be able to go into your website and modify something he didn't create(imagine taking your Mercedes to the local Ford mechanic to have it fixed). Lastly, there is almost no such thing as a "small change". What the average person thinks should take 20 minutes for a web designer usually takes hours. It's like telling your mechanic you want one bolt on your car exchanged for another(it should only take a couple minutes, after all its just one bolt).......oh, by the way its on the inside of the engine. OK, he'll do it, its just going to cost you $1000 dollars in labor, plus 5 cents for the bolt.

The good news is that there are tools created specifically for modifying web sites; And people who know how to use them.

We can generally make changes you need to your web site for half what other guys charge. You can also feel secure that your precious bit of internet real estate will be modified by someone experienced enough to complete the job in the most efficient way possible.

All You Have To Do Is                                                                                        

  • Send us an email with a link to your existing website.
  • Send us the changes you want made.

We'll get back to you quickly with a price quote.

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