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Having your own website is perhaps the cheapest, easiest, and most accessible form of advertising available. It allows anyone with the internet access to your world. It can consolidate every piece of pertinant information regarding your business, product, or creative service into one easy piece of internet real estate.

As a small business, establishing a strong web presence can have an immense affect on increasing revenue. In addition to enabling a business to reach the largest audience possible, it is generally accepted to be the most cost effective tool for marketing and advertising.

Seeing as our design firm focuses on small businesses and creative services, our first priority is providing our customers with an economical solution without sacrificing style. Working with numerous clients over the years has allowed us to streamline the creative process to offer rich content with a stylish, professional look for the at least half the price offered by most designers.


Web development pricing is determined based on the complexity of the site and level of unique graphic design required. Pricing ranges from $350 (simple 3-4 page informational site) to over $5000 (Flash integrated database driven e-commerce site w/ 100's of products), with packages in between to fit all budgets and needs.


Depending on your design needs, you may wish to take advantage of our additional services:

  • Content development
  • E-commerce integration
  • Scanning of photos
  • Graphic/logo design
  • Flash animation
  • Site maintenance


Here are some examples of sites we've designed. Click on the photos below to go view the actual sites.

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All rates are negotiable based on the clients needs and resources.