Breathe New Life into an Old Website!                          

Many people are just now beginning to develop their online presence, then there are those who have been using the internet for years to promote themselves, their products/services, or information. And while the early adopters may have gotten the upperhand initially, they may find themselves losing ground to their competition due to the fact that their site is old.......and it shows. Since your web presence defines your online world it only makes sense that its presented in the most visually appealing way possible.

A recent study has proven that, all things being equal, a websurfer will spend more time and money on a website that is more visually appealing. Keeping that in mind, why would anyone settle for a boring site that is no longer performing the way it once was.

Whether its cleaning up a sloppy layout, tweaking the existing design, optimizing for search engines, or overhauling the site entirely, spending a little time and money updating your site will only improve its performance and draw more surfers. Here are a few examples of sites we've redesigned.


Seeing as our design firm focuses on small businesses and creative services, our first priority is providing our customers with an economical solution without sacrificing style. Working with numerous clients over the years has allowed us to streamline the creative process to offer rich content with a stylish, professional look for the at least half the price offered by most designers.


Pricing for simple layout changes, search engine optimization, and minor graphical tweaks start at $150. However, due the the uniqueness of each website the only way to give an accurate quote is to look at the existing design and discuss possible changes.

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